Nappy Service  FAQ's

Darwin Laundries Snappy Nappies
What are your nappies made of?

We have sourced one of the best manufacturers.  They are not designer brand but that are cute and practical, the outer layer is water proof breathable fabric (PUL) the inner is super soft bamboo based bacteriostatic material.

How do you wash the nappies?

Our Laundry follows the strict code of conduct laid down by The Australian Laundry Association. We wash to the Australian Laundry Standard ASO 2000:4146 and follow the aged and health care laundry recommendations.    We wash first in the recommended 65 degrees, using eco friendly thermal disinfection detergents and water stabilisers.  We then wash again to remove any detergent residual, so your baby's skin is not making any contact with chemicals.  We finish off through the dryers at the recommended 90 degrees, to ensure there is absolutely no survival of bacteria or viruses.  You can be assured that every load is hygienically washed and sanitised.

What if there is poop on the nappies?

If you are renting our Darwin Laundries Modern Nappies ™ we will provide you with a roll of biodegradable flushable nappy liners.  This will catch most of the solids, which you can simply flush down the toilet like toilet paper.  The rest you will need to rinse off before storing in the Nappy Bucket.  We will give you 2 buckets liners for ease of change over day.  Please note we cannot accept nappies that still have faeces left in them – they MUST be rinsed off first. The same rules apply if you are opting for the BYO nappy wash service.

How often do you collect nappies?

Because of our hot tropical climate we will be collecting twice a week, the days may vary depending on your location, however we like to do most our collections Mondays and Thursdays.  Please make sure your laundry bag is out for collection by 7am on your collection day (putting out the night before might be an option).

What about the smell?

We supply you with some odour neutralizing granules to place in the bottom of your bucket at the start of each fill.  If odours continue, sprinkle a little on the nappies that are in storage waiting for pick up. We recommend dry storage of soiled nappies. Do not put water in the buckets or store them in water.

When do I get my clean nappies returned?

You will get the same number of nappies returned that we collected the time before .  Eg. On Monday we collected 10 nappies on the Thursday we will collect you next dirty batch and return 10 clean ones at the same time. This will keep a weekly stock take and ensure there is no stockpile of nappies in your home.

How many nappies do I get on the rental program?

All details will be outlined in the Terms and Conditions of the rental pack you choose.  You will get either equivalent to 52 or 26 Darwin Laundries Modern Cloth Nappies™  including accessories.  

Do I get to keep the nappies at the end of the rental agreement?

No – unfortunately this is a rental / recyclable programme and they must be returned at the end of your agreement.  However if you love them and want to keep some or all of the Nappies you have, and you do not want to use our washing service, we have a up to 50% discount buy outright deal.

How long does the rental programme go for?

The rental programme is a minimum of 6 weeks – with payment in advance.  You can renew after the 6 weeks on a month by month basis, paying in advance each month.  Once you finish up – simply return all the equipment to Darwin Laundries Modern Cloth Nappies™  And we will return your security deposit.  

Where do I leave my laundry bag on collection day?

You must leave the laundry bag at a mutually agreed safe place – eg your front porch to ensure they cannot be stolen or misplaced.  Please note this is a drop and run service.  We cannot come into your house and search around, we simply don’t have the time.  We need to get back to our washing duties ☺

What if I forget to leave my laundry bag out?

Please give us a call and we will see what we can do the next day.  If we are unable to get to you or you are unable to make it into our store, then we will have to collect it on the next scheduled run.

How does the cost compare to disposables?

We have done our absolute best in being a very affordable alternative to disposable nappies.  With the cost to the environment being very minimal and the biggest advantage to going over to cloth.

If you break down our service costs of supplying and washing, it works out to be about 60c a nappy.  This is on par with eco friendly disposable nappies you can buy which usually cost between 60c to $1 depending on the nappy size and brand.

What about nappy rash?

It has been proven that cloth nappies are no more responsible for nappy rash then disposables. At some point in a baby’s life they will get nappy rash.  How you treat it is your own personal preference.  But as the founder of Darwin Laundries Modern Cloth Nappies™,  I have had 5 of my own little munchkins to experiment with ☺ . (I know right! This is how I ended up with a laundromat and surrounded in nappies in the first place!!)   The best way is prevention – I always went old school and put a barrier cream layer of either Vaseline /coconut oil/paw paw ointment on my babies butt after each change.  This worked a treat.  It is also very important to change your baby more regularly, at least every 2 hours should they develop a rash.

The Darwin Laundries Modern Cloth Nappies™ have a pocket that the microfiber insert will fit into.  Slip you hand into the pocket, if it feels wet then change your baby as this means the nappy is full.

Do you have gift vouchers?

We sure do.  Grandmas and Grandpas will love this.  Anyone can buy a gift voucher, this is a great way to get introduced to an environmentally friendly alternative to disposables.  Best of all we can all help to reduce our carbon footprint. Gift vouchers can be used towards our rental programme or just our washing BYO service.

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